Plasma Science and Technology: Progress in Physical States and Chemical Reactions

Plasma Science and Technology: Progress in Physical States and Chemical Reactions

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This volume is dedicated to the recent progress in plasma science and technology. The chapters have been written by active specialists worldwide.

In the early twentieth century, Dr. Irving Langmuir actively studied plasma discharge and surface science. Since then, great progress has been made in the development of applications of discharges and plasmas such as discharge lamps, electric tubes, and arc welding.
In relation to studies on space physics and controlled nuclear fusion, plasma physics has greatly advanced.
Plasma chemistry has also progressed along with its applications in LSI fabrication technology, the chemical vapor deposition of functional films, and the production of nanomaterials.
In the twenty-first century, the further development of applications of plasma physics and plasma chemistry is certainly expected.

1 Induction Plasma Synthesis of Nanomaterials
2 Plasma-Enhanced Laser Materials Processing
3 Cold Plasma Produced Catalytic Materials
4 Plasma Nitriding of Titanium Alloys
5 Low-temperature Thermochemical Treatments of Stainless Steels - An Introduction
6 Computational Studies of the Impulse Plasma Deposition Method
7 Physicochemical Analysis of Argon Plasma-Treated Cell Culture Medium
8 Non-thermal Plasma Technology for the Improvement of Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - A Review
9 Plasma-Enhanced Vapor Deposition Process for the Modification of Textile Materials
10 Laser-Produced Heavy Ion Plasmas as Efficient Soft X-Ray Sources
11 Laser-Induced Plasma and its Applications
12 Diagnostics of Magnetron Sputtering Discharges by Resonant Absorption Spectroscopy
13 A Technique for Time-Resolved Imaging of Millimeter Waves Based on Visible Continuum Radiation from a Cs-Xe DC Discharge - Fundamentals and Applications
14 Optically Thick Laser-Induced Plasmas in Spectroscopic Analysis
15 Industrial Applications of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
16 Electrical Discharge in Water Treatment Technology for Micropollutant Decomposition
17 Study of CO2 Decomposition in Microwave Discharges by Optical Diagnostic Methods
18 Stochastic and Nonlinear Dynamics in Low-Temperature Plasmas
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