W. H. Auden - Selected Poems

W. H. Auden - Selected Poems
Publisher: Vintage; Later print. ed. | 1979 | ISBN-10: 0394725069 | ISBN-13: 978 0394725062 | English | DJVU | 315 pages | 2.51 mb

For many years there existed a general feeling that the selection made by Auden himself in 1968 was far from satisfactory. It was too short to provide a full introduction to such a large body of work; perhaps it was too weighted in favour of the later poetry; at the time it was made some famous poems, or portions of poems were still under an embargo imposed by Auden himself which remained in force until his death. This edition contains an introduction which is an examination of the nature of Auden's genius and of his position and stature in 20th-century literature.
Auden is one of the great poets of the past century and one of the greatest ever in English. This is a particularly good collection of his work. The editor, Edward Mendelson, is a leading Auden scholar and Auden's literary executor. This volume contains all of Auden's major poetry including the great short lyrics, the major longer works, and my favorite, the great China sonnet sequence. In his later years, Auden altered the text of some famous earlier poems to change wordings he felt were false. In this edition, Mendelson uses the earlier versions of these subsequently altered verses. Many prefer the early versions though I find comparisons with the amended versions published in the equally wonderful Collected Poems, also edited by Mendelson, to be very interesting. I am not sure that the amended versions are worse, just different. It contains also a particularly insightful preface by Mendelson that does a very nice job of putting Auden into the context of 20th century English poetry. This is a wonderful book for those who love Auden's work. It can be read over and over again. It is also an excellent introduction for those encountering Auden for the first time.
Table of Poems from Poem FinderĀ®After Reading A Child's Guide To Modern Physics
At The Grave Of Henry James
August 1968
But I Can't
Caliban To The Audience
The Capital
The Cave Of Nakedness
The Common Life
Consider This And In Our Time
Control Of The Passes Was, He Saw, The Key
The Cutty Wren
Dame Kind
Death's Echo
Deftly, Admiral, Cast Your Fly
Doom Is Dark And Deeper Than Any Sea-dingle
Down There
Easily, My Dear, You Move, Easily Your Head
Encomium Balnei
Epitaph On A Tyrant
Et In Arcadia Ego
The Fall Of Rome (for Cyril Connolly)
First Things First
Fleet Visit
For Friends Only
Forty Years On
Friday's Child
From The Very First Coming Down
The Geography Of The House
Good-bye To The Mezzogiorno
Hearing Of Harvests Rotting In The Valleys
Homage To Clio
In Memory Of Sigmund Freud
In Memory Of W.b. Yeats
In Praise Of Limestone
In Sickness And In Health
In Time Of War: 1
In Time Of War: 10
In Time Of War: 11
In Time Of War: 12
In Time Of War: 13
In Time Of War: 14
In Time Of War: 15
In Time Of War: 16
In Time Of War: 17
In Time Of War: 18
In Time Of War: 19
In Time Of War: 2
In Time Of War: 20
In Time Of War: 21
In Time Of War: 22
In Time Of War: 24
In Time Of War: 25
In Time Of War: 26
In Time Of War: 27
In Time Of War: 3
In Time Of War: 4
In Time Of War: 5
In Time Of War: 6
In Time Of War: 7
In Time Of War: 8
In Time Of War: 9
Installing The American Kitchen [or, Grub First, Then Ethics]
It Was Easter As I Walked In The Public Gardens
Journey To Iceland
Lady, Weeping At The Crossroads
Lament For A Lawgiver (from The Age Of Anxiety)
Law, Say The Gardeners, Is The Sun
The Lesson
Let Your Sleeping Head, My Love
A Lullaby
Memorial For The City
Miss Gee
Moon Landing
The More Loving One
Mundus Et Infans
Musee Des Beaux Arts
A New Year Greeting
Nobody I Know Would Like To Be Buried
Noon (from The Age Of Anxiety)
Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast
Now Though Night's Caressing Grip
O For Doors To Be Open And An Invite With Gilded Edges
O Love, The Interest Itself In Thoughtless Heaven
Ode To Terminus
Old People's Home
On The Circuit
On This Island
Only The Hands Are Living; To The Wheel Attracted
Our Hunting Fathers Told The Story
Out On The Lawn I Lie In Bed
Plains And The Art Of Writing
Preface (stage Manager To Critics)
Prologue At Sixty
Prologue: The Birth Of Architecture
Prospero To Ariel
The Quest: Adventure
The Quest: The Adventurers
The Quest: The Average
The Quest: The City
The Quest: The Crossroads
The Quest: The DoThe Quest: The First Temptation

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