Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage

Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage CD: Preface and Introduction read by Dr. Laura Schlessinger by Laura Schlessinger
Publisher: HarperAudio; Abridged edition (January 2, 2007) | ISBN: 0061227110 | Language English | Audio CD in MP3/Variable | 250 mb

The bestselling author (The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands), columnist and talk show host does not deviate from her strong belief that women are largely responsible for happy marital unions, which should be their first priority. For Schlessinger, "feminism robbed women of their essence and their ability to find pure joy and happiness," but the fair sex can regain that by promoting a traditional relationship with their husbands. Many of Schlessinger's golden rules recall suggestions from previous books: avoid interfaith marriage, stay together for the sake of the children and never say no to a husband who wants sex. Never insist that a man wash his own dishes, either; both women and men should respect the division of labor and a woman's status as homemaker. Although Schlessinger acknowledges that men have a responsibility to communicate and recommends that they express gratitude to their wives for domestic attentions, she clearly delineates a successful marriage as one between a male financial provider and a female emotional caregiver. She includes a digression on the differences between the sexes and the masculine/feminine polarity. Though this latest guide will confirm Dr. Laura's retrograde views for many, devotees will continue to look to her for answers. (Jan.)
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Following up on the popularity of her book The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands (2003), Schlessinger states that her goal here is to reintroduce readers to the meaning of femininity and masculinity and how an understanding of sex roles can benefit marriage partners. Her second goal is to shine a light on selfishness, which "has become accepted in our society" and threatens marital bliss. Drawing on her experience as a popular talk show host, Schlessinger recalls the questions posed by listeners and her advice to them. Recovered feminists lament their mistaken notions of sexual equality as Schlessinger enlightens them on the power of true femininity. She expounds on the different ways that men and women communicate and how modern feminism has undermined men's and women's images of marriage and the sex roles within marriage. She offers love alerts and do's and don'ts to maintain healthy marriages. Schlessinger's fans will love this book; unrecovered feminists may not. Vanessa Bush
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