Psycho-Cybernetics [UNABRIDGED] AUDIO BOOK

Maxwell Maltz, M.D., Read by Paul Michael
?Psycho-Cybernetics [UNABRIDGED] AUDIO BOOK?

Audio Renaissance | ISBN 1593979304, 978-1593979300 | (Tuesday, May 30, 2006) | mp3 | 9 cds, 11.5 hours| 139 Kbps| (98 x 7 30) M | English


    Develop self-confidence
    Overcome procrastination and indecisiveness
    Improve your health
    Make more money

Dr. Maxwell Maltz was a renowned pioneer in plastic surgery when he noticed that while the outward changes to his patients were a success, an inner healing and transformation was necessary for them to achieve the life changes they were seeking. Psycho-Cybernetics is a masterful synthesis of proven psychological and physiological processes, which took Dr. Maltz 29 years of research and testing to develop. His groundbreaking work, Psycho-Cybernetics, has become an all-time classic in the field of self-image psychology.

Since its first publication, this book has inspired and helped millions to achieve ambitious and life-changing goals. Recently revised and updated, this unabridged audio edition of Psycho-Cybernetics remains true to Dr. Maltza??s visionary approach and proven groundbreaking techniques. These techniques that will lead to a dynamic new self-image, greater self-esteem, and the means to achieve a lifetime of success and happiness.

About Author:

Maxwell Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S. was one of the most important and renowned authors in the field of psychology. His books include Creative Living for Today, The Magic Power of Self-Image Psychology, and the bestseller Dr. Pygmalion. A brilliant plastic surgeon, he was also an internationally renowned professor and lecturer.

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Thanks for what you have provided, Promo Elite...

Would someone have the New Psycho-Cybernetics book? ...said to be an updated version of this classic...

Amazing stuff. THAAAAAAAANKS!!!

Awesome share !!!

I thought this is an UNABRIDGED Version ???

[Fast Download] Psycho-Cybernetics [UNABRIDGED] AUDIO BOOK

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