Quantum Mechanics in Nonlinear Systems

Pang Xiao Feng, "Quantum Mechanics in Nonlinear Systems"
World Scientific | April 2005 | ISBN: 9812562990 | PDF | 29 M | 644 pages
In the history of physics and science, quantum mechanics has served as the foundation of modern science. This book discusses the properties of microscopic particles in nonlinear systems, principles of the nonlinear quantum mechanical theory, and its applications in condensed matter, polymers and biological systems.

The book is essentially composed of three parts. The first part presents a review of linear quantum mechanics, as well as theoretical and experimental fundamentals that establish the nonlinear quantum mechanical theory. The theory itself and its essential features are covered in the second part. In the final part, extensive applications of this theory in physics, biology and polymer are introduced. The whole volume forms a complete system of nonlinear quantum mechanics.

The book is intended for researchers, graduate students as well as upper-level undergraduates.


  • Linear Quantum Mechanics: Its Successes and Problems
  • Macroscopic Quantum Effects and Motions of Quasi-Particles
  • The Fundamental Principles and Theories of Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics
  • Wave-Corpuscle Duality of Microscopic Particles in Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics
  • Nonlinear Interaction and Localization of Particles
  • Nonlinear versus Linear Quantum Mechanics
  • Problem Solving in Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics
  • Microscopic Particles in Different Nonlinear Systems
  • Nonlinear Quantum-Mechanical Properties of Excitons and Phonons
  • Properties of Nonlinear Excitations and Motions of Protons, Polarons and Magnons in Different Systems

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