SS - Heimwehr Danzig (Militaria 195)

Rolf Michaelis - SS - Heimwehr Danzig
Wydawnictwo Militaria | 2003 | ISBN: 8372191824 | Polish | 66 pages | File type: PDF | 11.19 mb
Militaria 195
The SS-Heimwehr Danzig was a paramilitary unit set up by the Germans from their Totenkopf units to establish an armed presence in the Polish-dominated city of Danzig. An unusual unit in respect of it's size - incorporating engineers, anti-tank and signals units amongst others, it saw action around Danzig during the Battle of Poland in 1939, fighting in the battles for the city (notably the battle for the Polish Post Office) and the surrounding areas. In the latter sphere they took part in actions on the Vistula bridge at Dirschau, the battle for the Westerplatte, finally assisting the German Army forces attempting to take the Oxh?fter K?mpe.
The book gives a full listing of the organisation of the unit, including the names of officers commanding its various units. It gives a full Roll of Honour for the fallen and gives details on special medals and awards given to the unit, such as the Danzig Cross.Polish text with English captions/summary, 148 bw photos, 7 colour pages, maps.

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