Secrets of the Ninja

Secrets of the Ninja

English | 1981 | ISBN: 0873642341 | 152 Pages | PDF | 1.71 MB

Back In Print!! Bigger And Badder Than Ever! Ashida Kim is one of a handful of men in the world who have learned the true art of Ninjitsu, the Silent Way of stealth and assassination in feudal Japan. Initial attempts to bring these secrets to the public were met with stiff resistance due to the brutal nature and terrifying effectiveness of the techniques. Now, some thirty years later, it has become a martial art classic. The Ninja can fight or disappear. Looked for, cannot be seen, listened for, cannot be heard, felt for, cannot be touched. Now, you too can become a master of invisibility with the ability to penetrate anywhere unseen and vanish without leaving a trace. softcover, 236 pages, photos nad illustrations


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