She's Ready To Go All The Way: Erotica 3-Pack Bundle

She's Ready To Go All The Way: Erotica 3-Pack Bundle

English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08TQ9WB56 | 88 Pages | EPUB | 0.21 MB

SHE'S READY TO GO ALL THE WAY: Three steamy hot and oh-so-naughty stories from Catey Redd - all at one low price - about sexy, horny women who are finally ready to go all the way for the very first time!

The juicy action includes:
* I was 21 years old and I'd never had sex before. I think I'm very pretty, but I'm kind of a big, curvy woman, and I always felt so self-conscious about it that I just never did it with a guy or a woman (I'm bi). But then, after I finally decided that I was sick and tired of having never done it, I posted my profile on a website to find someone to hook up with. I didn't hide the fact that I was a BBW. I got a message from Ellie and Ramon, a really good-looking couple that wanted to meet me and have some sexy fun. I was nervous, but when I met up with them, sparks flew, and when we went out to Ramon's truck, things got really, really hot. Would the three of us go back to their place and get even hotter and dirtier? Would my first time finally happen with a hot man and his gorgeous wife together, and would it be everything I wanted it to be and more?

* When I got into a relationship with my 43-year-old girlfriend Alice last year, Alice's 19-year-old daughter Jessica also came into my life. Jess was hot, and I secretly lusted after her, fantasizing about her all the time even though I had to keep my hands off. I was 45 years old, after all. Jess started working as a summer intern at my company, and during that time I overheard Jess tell one of my female colleagues that she had never done it before. Now I was really turned on,even more than before. I was aroused all the time when I was around Jess, and finally one day, not long after she turned 20, she noticed. She told me that she had similar feelings for me, and she wanted me to be her first. Would I actually be the man to do it? And could Jess and I do something like that behind my girlfriend's back?

* 19-year-old Thora was gorgeous and desirable, and she had plenty of guys after her. But she had been saving herself for the perfect man - or as close to perfect as she could find. She decided that the right man for her very first time was sexy, handsome, wonderful Jorge, who was about to celebrate his 49th birthday. There was a slight problem with that, however. Jorge was her mother Christine's boyfriend. But Thora wanted to lose her innocence to Jorge in the worst way - and she knew that Jorge wanted her, too - despite their significant age gap and the fact that he was in a relationship with her mom. Yet one day, while Christine was out running errands, Jorge and Thora secretly kissed for the first time, and they knew that their attraction and desire for one another was undeniable. Even if it was wrong, it felt so right and true to them. Jorge knew that Thora had never done it before, and he was shocked and excited when one evening - while Christine was out of town for two days - Thora told Jorge that she was ready to give him a birthday present: Herself. Would the two of them actually go through with it? Would Thora's first time be with the hot older man of her dreams, even though he was her mom's boyfriend?


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