Space Vehicle Design

Michael D. Griffin, James R. French, Space Vehicle Design
AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics Ast ) | 2004 | ISBN: 1563475391 | 660 pages | File type: PDF | 26,6 mb
Much has changed, both in the space community and in the larger world, in the years since the first edition of this classic, best-selling book appeared.

While there is now a huge collection of core knowledge, tutorial material, mathematical applets, and design data available about spacecraft systems engineering which did not exist when the first edition was published, the second edition continues to fulfill the book¡¯s original goal¡ªthat of linking and integrating the many disciplines relevant to the field of space systems engineering in a way that is impossible when they are considered separately, or even in one text that is the product of many authors. The text starts with an overall description of the basic mission considerations for spacecraft design, including space environment, astrodynamics, and atmospheric reentry. Then the various subsystems are discussed, and in each case, both the theoretical background and the current engineering practice are fully explained.

Some material has been updated to make the treatment consistent with current experience and practice in the field. At the same time, there is much that remains relevant from what are now the earlier decades of the space program. Nothing of real value has been omitted merely on the grounds that it is old. This edition contains a new chapter on reliability analysis, much new technical material in other sections, and many homework problems. The book provides the space systems engineer the tools to evaluate the overall impact of candidate design concepts on the various component subsystems and the integrated system leading to the final design selection.

Despite the incredible richness of Web-based resources for the modern engineer, it remains true that most Web sites and links are exceedingly volatile. For that reason, the authors have chosen to include and reference only that which is accessible through archived references, creating an authoritative text that provides both suitable materials for senior-level courses in aerospace engineering and a useful reference for the practicing aerospace engineer.

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