Spin Crossover in Transition Metal Compounds I

Spin Crossover in Transition Metal Compounds I
Springer; 1 edition | June 24, 2004 | ISBN-10: 3540403949 | 304 pages | File type: PDF | 4.66 mb

The researcher just beginning to work in the field of compounds with spin crossover can start by readying the first two chapters of the volume, which give a clear introduction and a broad perspective of the field, and continue with the chapters most relevant to his or her own research. The scientist who already works in this field will find this volume to be an excellent primary source of information. It should also be very useful to those teaching graduate-level courses in inorganic chemistry, for they can choose one out of the many examples presented in the book as an entry point for explaining the fundamental aspects of coordination chemistry and modern applications of coordination complexes.
Guetlich, H.A. Goodwin: Spin Crossover ? An Overall Persepctive .- A. Hauser: Ligand Field Theoretical Considerations .- H.A. Goodwin: Spin Crossover in Iron(II) Tris(diimine) and Bis(terimine) systems .- G.J. Long: Spin Crossover in Pyrazolylborate and Pyrazolylmethane Complexes .- P.J. van Koningsbruggen: Special Classes of Iron(II) Azole Spin Crossover Compounds .- H. Toftlund, J.J. McGarvey: Iron(II) Spin Crossover Systems with Multidentate Ligands .- J.A. Real, A.B. Gaspar, M.C. Munoz, P. Guetlich, V. Ksenofontov, H. Spiering




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