Principles and concepts for Martial Arts [Kindle Edition]

Principles and concepts for Martial Arts [Kindle Edition]

English | March 7, 2017 | ASIN: B06XGFCM1L | 173 Pages | AZW3 | 0.82 MB

Principles are the reasons why techniques work... or don't.

There are hundreds of thousands of techniques from dozens of martial arts, but they all rely on a relatively small set of principles: Breaking the balance, distributing your weight, conserving energy, applying leverage...

Once you know and understand the major principles behind grappling techniques, new techniques become easier to learn, all techniques become clearer, and your ability to make the techniques work for you will increase as well.

Understanding HOW, WHY, and WHEN the moves work will bring your Judo, BJJ, Sambo or wrestling to a new level.

Every decent grappling book will cover some principles along with techniques, but I have never found a book explaining principles and concepts into any kind of depth.

This book is meant to bridge that gap and concentrates on principles and concepts, along with explanations, examples and illustrations.

Even though my own background is in Judo, BJJ and Karate, these principles are common to all grappling arts, from Judo and BJJ to Sambo, Wrestling, Catch, Luta Livre, etc.

I hope you will find value in it.

There are also a couple bonus chapters in this edition covering fundamentals of anatomy and strategy for grapplers. If you are interested in my take on these subjects, please let me know.

Note: this book was originally published under the title "Principles And Concepts For Grapplers" and is now being republished with a nicer cover, a new name and some updates (mostly added a glossary and new illustrations, etc.) based on reader's feedback.


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