Shaolin Longfist Kung Fu Basic Sequences

Shaolin Longfist Kung Fu Basic Sequences
YMAA Publication Center | ASIN: B0002PYQD0 | 2004-07-30 | AVI | 771 mb
Master the Way of Shaolin Kung Fu.
This 4-hour-long DVD contains the fundamental training sequences of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, instructed by world-renown author teacher Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. These sequences have been trained in the Jing Wu Association Nanking Central Guoshu Institute since the early 1900's can help the martial artist build a proper foundation in the Long Fist style. This DVD is designed for self-instruction, allowing the beginner with no martial art experience to learn accurately.
Lian Bu Quan (Six Unifications Sequence), the most basic Shaolin Long Fist sequence, is explained demonstrated by Dr. Yang, with over 70 martial applications.
Gong Li Quan (Power Sequence), the second basic sequence of Shaolin Long Fist, is explained demonstrated with over 70 martial applications.
Tan Tui, known as Spring Legs due to its fast accurate spring-like kicks, have a long history in China. Improve your fighting skills, balance, strength, and focus with Tan Tui. These 12 routines form the basis for other, more complex forms. Explained demonstrated by Dr. Yang senior students
, with applications.

?Learn the History of Shaolin Kung Fu from Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
?Sequences Performed at Slow Regular Speed from Multiple Angles
?Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamental Stances, Punches, Kicks Forms
?Includes Martial Applications Performed by Dr. Yang

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