Structural Analysis, 6th Edition in SI units

R C Hibbeler, quot;Structural Analysis, 6th Edition in SI unitsquot;
Pearson Education | 2005 | ISBN: 0131976419 | 644 pages | File type: PDF | 17,7 mb
For courses in Structural Analysis. This book provides students with a clear and thorough presentation of the theory and application of structural analysis as it applies to trusses, beams, and frames. Emphasis is placed on teaching students to both model and analyze a structure. Procedures for Analysis, Hibbeler's problem solving methodologies, provides students with a logical, orderly method to follow when applying theory.

Summary: Text Book Review - Structural Analysis (6th Edition), by Russell C. Hibbeler
Rating: 4

This text book is great for describing both the introductory and advanced methods of structural analysis, i.e. statically determinate/indeterminate structures and matrix methods. ASCE-7 is referenced quite frequently in the beginning chapters of the text. Colorful diagrams are present throughout the text to give the reader a better understanding of the material. The only negative aspect of this text book is that it does not describe two-way floor loading very well. Recommendations: anyone who has an interest in structural engineering should buy this book.

Summary: Features Solutions to Complex Trusses
Rating: 4

One characteristic of this book is the many complex trusses (including uncommon ones, and space trusses) that are featured. Otherwise, complex trusses can be broken down into a series of simpler ones.
There is also discussion of frames (including those with no sidesway), virtual work, Castigliano's theorem, matrix algebra, etc.

Summary: Awesome Book
Rating: 5

One of my most favorite books on structural theory. It was very easy to understand, tons of examples, and is still a valuble resource for calculating structural problems at work.

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