Studies in Language and Linguistics: Selected Readings for Students of English Philology

Piotr Cap and Magdalena Kozanecka (Editors), Studies in Language and Linguistics: Selected Readings for Students of English Philology
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The present volume contains contributions by the staff of the English Department at the Academy of Humanities and Economics (AHE) in todi. The aim of the volume is to present students, in a clear and consistent form, with reading material as used during most of the undergraduate and graduate courses in English language and linguistics at the AHE. However, the addressees of the material are also students of English at other higher-education institutions, both state and private, such as teacher training colleges or translation and interpreting centers.
Chapter One pres students with material concerning English syntax and semantics. The first part of the chapter deals with the syntax of the simple sentence, while the second discusses the structure of the complex sentence. Both parts can be successfully used during, for instance, descriptive grammar courses, esp. in the first two years of instruction. Chapter Two positions selected observations from chapter one, in interpersonal and intercultural contexts of ‘real-life�discourse. In the first part, the discussion is centered around concepts of linguistic pragmatics. Among traditional topics, students are offered a look at how language can be used to accomplish concrete goals in face-to-face persuasion. In the second part, students are familiarized with broader, sociolinguistic issues which concern relationship between language and culture. The second part of chapter two also brings up some notions which have to do with English language teaching, and thus pres a feasible introduction to the next chapter.
Chapter Three contains an in-depth overview of English teaching methods and strategies; it also discusses the development of English teaching over years. This material is of a special importance to those students who, in their careers, intend to become teachers of English, whether on a classroom or tutorial basis.
Chapter Four is a more difficult and specialized contribution, dealing with the many domains of translation and translation theory. Included in the discussion are such concepts as translatability, equivalence, and evaluation, as well as a number of the most typical translation strategies at the word, phrase and sentence level. This material should, in principle, be used by students attending graduate seminars in translation and translation theory. Chapter Five is again devoted to complex, specialized issues which are normally undertaken not sooner than during M.A. research. The chapter describes and evaluates a relatively novel development in linguistics, which has come to be termed as Cognitive Grammar. The discussion tackles the profound questions of the nature of language and cognition, and the relationship holding between them. ‘This relationship is shown to determine the structure of particular grammatical categories in a language, of which English is an example. The authors wish to extend multiple thanks to all those who submitted their contributions to the volume. Also, we owe a debt of gratitude to Professor Kamila Turewicz, the Pro-Rector in Charge of Development of the AHE, for her continuous support underlying the project. We are equally indebted to Professor Piotr Stalmaszczyk from the University of tbdz, for reviewing the text. Finally, words of thanks go to Dr Monika Gregorowicz-Cap for editorial help.


Foreword 5
(Piotr Cap and Magdalena Kozanecka)
English sentence:
syntax-semantics interface
Analysis of a simple sentence 9
(Szymon Pedziwiatr)
Analysis of a complex sentence 27
(Piotr Cap)
Language in action: pragmatic
and social aspects of language use
The pragmatics of interpersonal communication 39
(Piotr Cap)
Analysis of cultural texts 57
(Magdalena Nowacka)
Methods of teaching English
as a foreign language
Selected aspects of classroom discourse and their impact
on language development in the torelgn language context 69
(MirosCaw Pawlak)
Introduction to translation theory 11 1
(Magdalena Kozanecka)
Introduction to Cognitive Grammar
(Kamila Turewicz)
Cognitive Grammar:
the nature of language and meaning 171
Cognitive Grammar:
semantic structure of grammatical categories 185, piotr_kozanecka, magdalena (eds.) - studies in language and linguistics.rar

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