T'ai CHI QI and Jin: Ultimate Guide for Developing Internal and Intrinsic Energies

Stuart Alve Olson, "T'ai CHI QI and Jin: Ultimate Guide for Developing Internal and Intrinsic Energies"
Valley Spirit Arts | 2005 | ISBN: 1889633194 | 336 pages | File type: PDF | 7,9 mb

Chinese thought and philosophy are generally expressed in short sayings, aphorisms. Such aphorisms are like small containers, ingeniously packed with a great deal of material. If you succeed in opening one of them the material may be drawn out seemingly endlessly, like the performance of a skilled conjurer. The sayings or aphorisms from which this book was translated could be the basis for writing many volumes. Thankfully, Mr. Olson has not attempted this, but has left it up to the reader to dig for himself, or herself. Likewise, his notes to the text do not try to “better?the text but merely clarify, to the benefit of the reader.

As T’ai Chi Ch’uan deals with inner experience, the very difficult barrier of using words to describe such experience inevitably appears. When this is compounded by having to translate words from a differently structured language and an alien culture, the barrier verges on the insuperable. Mr. Olson has tackled this problem with commendable tenacity.




[Fast Download] T'ai CHI QI and Jin: Ultimate Guide for Developing Internal and Intrinsic Energies

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