The Dark Arrow of Time: A Scientific Novel

The Dark Arrow of Time: A Scientific Novel

English | PDF,EPUB | 2017 | 163 Pages | ISBN : 3319674854 | 2.3 MB

This riveting scientific novel combines adventure, love, suspense, magic, pathos, and mystery in a carefully woven plot that is full of unexpected twists and turns. The author is an astrophysicist who has developed an alternative theory, which holds that traveling in time is possible. Time is, in fact, the real protagonist of the novel and of the intrigue surrounding the attempt to seize the secret of Time's other arrow, the dark arrow normally hidden from us, which points back at our past.
The underlying premise is that antimatter is nothing more than common matter moving backwards in time. The justification for this interpretation has been with us for some time, "hiding in plain sight" within Maxwell's equations, the Lorentz transformations, the CPT theorem of relativistic quantum mechanics, and Feynman diagrams. While the science underlying the narrative is explained whenever necessary, sometimes with the aid of simple mathematical formulas, these scientific asides account for only a small part of the book, which will appeal to a wide audience, including readers who are far from being science buffs.


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