The Lasting Legacy of the Council of Nicea: The Creation, Roots, and Distorted Usage of Christianity

The Lasting Legacy of the Council of Nicea: The Creation, Roots, and Distorted Usage of Christianity

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The purpose of this book is to answer the following questions by presenting answers based on primary sources and interpretation by scholars, as well as logical deductions drawn from relevant research: 1. Did Jesus Christ ever exist? 2. Did the Roman Emperor Constantine and the Church of Rome transform Serapis Christus into Jesus Christ? 3. Did the Council of Nicea vote Christ as God? 4. Did the Council of Nicea decided on the number of books that should be in the New Testament? 5. Is there evidence that Jesus Christ had a wife, children and bloodline that can be traced into the French royalty? 6. Why did the Vatican destroy tens of thousands of early Judeo-Christian scrolls of the Old and New Testament? 7. Are God's chosen people Indo-European as portrayed in the West or African as the blacks of the Sub-Sahara and Africans in Diaspora (African-Americans)? 8. Has white ethnocentrism and nationalism transform the image, purpose, message, and value of Christianity? If so, is this transformation a contradiction? 9. What is the lasting legacy of the Council of Nicea and its impact on Christianity? The book examines the interpretations of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi library by Abdul Osman, the renowned Egyptian scholar/researcher. He has written Out of Egypt, The Hebrew Pharaohs of Egypt, Moses and Akhenaten, Jesus in the House of the Pharaohs, and Christianity: An Ancient Egyptian Religion. The Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi library was discovered shortly after the end of World War II. The library was first published in 1977, it includes unpublished gospels of the New Testament. The Dead Sea Scrolls reveal the Jewish/Christian sect based on historical Jesus hundreds of years before the Roman Church's acknowledgement of the birth of Jesus Christ under the domain of the Roman empire. The Egypt of ancient times was known as "the land of the blacks" or Kemet for its people rather than the rich soil along the banks of the Nile as interpreted by Eurocentric pundits who see North and Northeast Africa as an extension of Europe. The evidence drawn from the unblemished remains and artifacts of pharaohs demonstrate that the people of Kemet are the ancestors of the blacks of Sub-Saharan Africa and Africans in Diaspora (African-Americans). Dynastic Kemet reigned over all civilization for thousands of years. It was the creator of all modern religions. Constant Indo-European and Asiatic invasions, along with internal strife and Nubian rebellions, led to hegemony by outsiders that have declined since the end of World War II and absolute control over colonial possessions. The present Arabic population that dominates North and Northeast Africa (today's Middle East) are Indo-European invaders that have held these lands since the 8th century. This population is more aligned with the Indo-European West than the non-Moslem population in their midst and south of the Sahara. They readily sold these non-believers into slavery until it was prohibited by Western nations. The book explores how Eurocentrism denies the truth about Black Africa's role in ancient and world history, as well as the development of modern Christianity. It examines the deplorable effects on the psyche of Africans in Diaspora and intra-racial victimization from street crime to national politics. The book also describes how Christianity have become anti-Christian and serve the interest of evil, envy, narcissism, intolerance and greed by disconnecting itself from the African authors of the gospel and their message.


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