The Oxford Handbook of World Philosophy

The Oxford Handbook of World Philosophy

English | ISBN: 019532899X, 0199351953 | 2010 | 557 Pages | PDF conv | 6 MB

World philosophy / Jay L. Garfield and William Edelglass 每
Chinese philosophy / Chenyang Li 每
The Yijing : the creative origin of Chinese philosophy / Chung-Ying Cheng 每
Classical Confucianism I : Confucius / Peimin Ni 每
Classical Confucianism II : Mencius and Zunzi / Manyul Im 每
Daoism : Laozi and Zhuangzi / Liu Xiaogan 每
Major rival schools : Mohism and Legalism / Chris Fraser 每
Chinese Buddhist philosophy / Brook Ziporyn 每
Neo-Confucianism / John Berthrong 每
Contemporary Confucianism / Shu-hsien Liu 每
Non-Buddhist Indian philosophy / Nalini Bhushan 每
Nyaya-Vaisesika philosophy / Amita Chatterjee 每
Sakhya-Yoga / T.S. Rukmani 每
Mimasa / Dan Arnold 每
Vedanta / John Taber 每
Jain philosophy / Jeffery D. Long 每
Anglophone philosophy in colonial India / Nalini Bhushan 每
Indo-Tibetan Buddhist philosophy / William Edelglass and Jay Garfield 每
Abhidharma philosophy / Jan Westerhoff 每
Madhyamaka in India and Tibet / John Dunne 每
Yogacara / John Powers 每
Buddhist epistemology (Pramaavada) / Tom J.F. Tillemans 每
Buddhist thought in Tibet : an historical introduction / Matthew T. Kapstein 每
Dzogchen / Anne Carolyn Klein 每
Buddhist ethics / Barbra R. Clayton 每
Japanese and Korean philosophy / Koji Tanaka 每
The philosophy of Zen Master Dogen : egoless perspectivism / Bret W. Davis 每
Nishida Kitaro : self, world, and the nothingness underlying distinctions / John C. Maraldo 每
Japanese aesthetics and philosophy of art / Mara Miller 每
Japanese ethics / Robert E. Carter 每
Natural freedom : human/nature nondualism in Japanese thought / Bret W. Davis 每
Korean Buddhist philosophy / Jin Y. Park 每
Re-introducing Islamic philosophy : the persisting problem of "smaller orientalisms" / Tamara Albertini 每
The Hellenizing philosophers / Andrey Smirnov 每
Philosophy of illumination / Hossein Ziai 每
Sufism / Erik S. Ohlander 每
Islamic theology / Eric Ormsby 每
Muslim jurisprudence / Robert Gleave 每
Philosophy in Africa and the African diaspora / Stephen C. Ferguson II 每
African philosophy / Barry Hallen 每
Africana philosophy : prospects and possibilities / Tsenay Serequeberhan 每
Afro-Caribbean philosophy / Clevis Headley 每
African American philosophy : a historical outline / John H. McClendon III and Stephen C. Ferguson II 每
Race in contemporary philosophy / Albert Mosley 每
Affirmative action / Rodney C. Roberts 每
Recent trends in global philosophy / Cynthia Townley 每
Global feminism / Christine M. Koggel 每
Native American philosophy / Adam Arola 每
Indigenous environmental philosophy / Workineh Kelbessa 每
Cosmopolitanism / Gillian Brock 每
Reparations / J. Angelo Corlett.

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