The Whole-Body Breathing Series

The Whole-Body Breathing Series by Anna Coy
Publisher: Spirit Is Fearless Productions (November 2002) | ISBN: 0972067612 | Language English | Audio CD in MP3/256Kbps | 397 mb
THE WHOLE-BODY BREATHING SERIES�includes: 4 step by step Voice-Guided Instuctional Breathing Sessions set to relaxting music on CDs and 4 Bonus Tracks of Meditation Music In THE WHOLE-BODY BREATHING SERIES�you also get a free copy of the instructional booklet "BREATHE FOR THE HEALTH OF IT." This booklet details the science, anatomy and biological relationship of breathing and the body’s chemical responses. As well as how and why your breathing directly affects your health, relationships, confidence, athletic performance and your ability to manage stress and emotions. This entire program is designed to help you learn to breathe better every day all day. You learn to manage your life using the most powerful tool you have, Your breathing.

Anna Coy - The Whole-Body Breathing Series (4 CD Set Booklet)

Listening Order:

CD#1 - Relax and Breathe : Learn to breathe deeply, teach your body to relax
CD#2 - Breathe for Healing : Increase your body's oxygen intake, enjoy the healing benefits
CD#3 - Breathe a Loving Heart : Bring breath into the heart, create a life with more love
CD#4 - Breathe Your Spirit : The whole body breathes, a journey of reclaiming your spirit

The Whole-Body Breathingâ„?Series is designed to help you learn to breathe correctly, all day, every day. With this set of 4 CDs you get to lay down and learn to breathe. It is simple and easy to use. For a half an hour on each CD Anna guides you into a deep state of relaxation and then you are instructed step by step how to open your body and expand in every area utilizing all the muscles of your respiratory system. You re-train the muscles of your body to breathe correctly. After a few sessions your body knows what to do and you can practice any time, anywhere to receive the many benefits and stay in a calm relaxed state. As a practical tool, when you are going through your day and feel stressed you can simply choose to take a few deep breaths and instantly reduce stress and become more objective. Each CD has an additional half-hour bonus track of meditation music.

The Whole-Body Breathingâ„?Series is a program designed to assist the individual as they retrain their own body to breathe correctly. This easy-to-learn method of breathing will inspire you to begin the journey of creating change in your life by changing how you breathe.

The Whole-Body Breathingâ„?Series is intended to be used in sequence as a four-session process. You learn the basics of breathing fully and are led to advanced understanding and experience of the power of your breath. Every aspect of your life is influenced by your associated breathing patterns. You can learn to undo old bad habits and regain a sense of control and self reliance just by breathing.

Breathing is the most effective tool you have for managing your health and well being.

Once your body feels how good it is to breathe fully it will become second nature. The benefits are endless.

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