Understanding Solid State Physics

Understanding Solid State Physics

2009 | ISBN: 0750309725 | English | 367 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

Enables students to easily grasp basic solid state physics principles

Keeping the mathematics to a minimum yet losing none of the required rigor, Understanding Solid State Physics clearly explains basic physics principles to provide a firm grounding in the subject. The author underscores the technological applications of the physics discussed and emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of scientific research.

After introducing students to solid state physics, the text examines the various ways in which atoms bond together to form crystalline and amorphous solids. It also describes the measurement of mechanical properties and the means by which the mechanical properties of solids can be altered or supplemented for particular applications. The author discusses how electromagnetic radiation interacts with the periodic array of atoms that make up a crystal and how solids react to heat on both atomic and macroscopic scales. She then focuses on conductors, insulators, semiconductors, and superconductors, including some basic semiconductor devices. The final chapter addresses the magnetic properties of solids as well as applications of magnets and magnetism.

This accessible textbook provides a useful introduction to solid state physics for undergraduates who feel daunted by a highly mathematical approach. By relating the theories and concepts to practical applications, it shows how physics is used in the real world.



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