Vin DiCarlo - Mastermind Vault - Part 3 (of 4)

Vin DiCarlo - Mastermind Vault - Part 3 (of 4)
Vin DiCarlo | ISBN: N/a | 2007 | MP3 | 76 mb
The Dirty Little Secrets That Make Picking Up Women During The Day Easier Than Picking Up Your Dry Cleaning
What¡¯s better than getting a girl¡¯s phone number while you¡¯re walking past her on the street?
Taking her on an instant date, where you can escalate immediately!
Brian exhaustively catalogs the essentials for instant dates, and logistics that are necessary for a successful instant date, where you can start to escalate to sex.
He also lets slip how to keep attraction and escalation throughout quick three minute number closes, and how to pace your escalation in reference to your logistics.
This call drips with dominance, qualification tips, confidence, and the direct mentality, featuring the best street game number close ever created.
From having a game plan to the real reasons why many girls of astounding beauty do not go to bars or clubs, Jonathan and Brian praise objection game and discuss what it¡¯s like to play at their level of direct game.
If you like getting a girl¡¯s phone number just to wait for a reply to the voicemail you sent while picturing her voluptuous body, this call isn¡¯t for you, but who really likes to wait?.
If you want to see progress with a girl quicker and get her attracted harder, begging for you to take her after you¡¯ve just known her a few hours, you should listen to this call.
Brian 5.mp3
The Correct Emails and Messages Required To Run Perfect Online Game
God bless the internet.
With the amount of gorgeous women and successful men who don¡¯t have the time to go out, to the millions of men and women who find online flirting a safer way to go about meeting other people, online dating web-sites are Mecca¡¯s for single attractive women.
But what does it take to build the ultimate online profile? Why haven¡¯t I received messages back? What is the best email or message to send to a prospective girlfriend?
Heartwork goes in depth about an area of game he was heralded as being the leading expert in before he signed with DiCarlo DiClassified.
In this call, he makes public his tactics for closing the hottest Myspace minxes and making your profile become a congregation area for cloisters of hotties in school girl uniforms from around the globe. And you thought Tila Tequila was popular because of her brains.
He gives away the closely guarded secrets of his initial emails, and the frameworks and undertones with which how to continue the interactions to ensure it turns out favorably for you, ultimately being 100% effective if done right.
And for those who love to flex both your finger muscles and your biceps, Heartwork covers tried and true tactics for gym game. Those women don¡¯t do ten-thousand lunges so they¡¯re nice to LOOK at.
Get more ass from the internet than fetish sites, before women everywhere start to catch on.
Heartwork and Matt 4.mp3
The Four Magic Pills To Pickup: How You Can Help Any Woman Realize She Wants To Work For Sex
The most important thing to have when picking up a woman is compliance.
Getting compliance allows a woman to trust you and consent to your requests, trusting you to take the dominant leader role, otherwise BDSM wouldn¡¯t exist.
When your eventual desire is having sex with a woman, an act which requires her to trust you enough to give herself completely to you, having huge compliance is a must.
On this call, Vin goes over the 4 types of compliance, and teaches you how to make everything a woman does seem like she did it for you. Sneaky? Nah. Super-fucking effective? Yup.
What if you could have levels of compliance with a woman where she would volunteer to help you achieve your passion in life, whatever it is? What if you could reward and qualify the waitress you met down at the local restaurant, just for doing her job?
Using the four types of closely guarded compliance outlined in this call, you not only can create those levels of compliance, but you can make them seem like they were her idea in the first place.
Also in this call, Will and Joe W disclose their revelations about women since the Mastermind calls began. This is an honest, open-hearted look at the game, and you won¡¯t believe how far they¡¯ve come.
I transcribed this call into a text file on my laptop and sent it to my friend as an email. Two days later campus security came into my room and confiscated my computer, looking for the same file because of the revelations these two share.
I can¡¯t guarantee someone won¡¯t hear the call and do the same.
Mastermind 5.mp3
How Can You Make A Woman Want Let¡¯s Just Be Fuck Buddies?
The last time I heard lets just be friends I felt like all of the effort I put into trying to attract this woman had failed miserbly. In fact, last week, I received an email from a man in this exact situation.
It feels like my whole life, all I¡¯ve been is just friends, Hector began. I tell these women I like them, and they tell me how lucky some girl is going to be to have me, but I¡¯m starting to think she¡¯s not out there.

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