Vladimir Janda - Muscle Function Testing

Vladimir Janda - Muscle Function Testing
Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd | ISBN: 0407002014 | 1983-11 | File type: PDF | 272 pages | 17.10 mb

Muscle function testing is an analytical means of determining the strength of individual muscle groups. In recent years, opinions regarding the control of muscle have changed. The performance of movement is assessed to a far more complex degree and therefore muscle function testing now has greater importance.
At present muscle function testing has been reitroduced in a different form. Not only is the sinple strength of an individual muscle or a synergistic muscle group tested, but in addition the whole movement pattern is assessed. The influence of neurological or reflex therapeutic methods has brought awareness that each movement depends on the coordination of several muscle groups often situated at a considerable distance from each other.
It would be an oversimplification to say that muscle function testing involves simply the examination of an individual muscle of one muscle group. Modern muscle function testing examines certain very carefully defined, standardized and ralatively simple movement patterns.


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