Why Are You Still Single?: 7 Easy Steps To Finally Win The Dating Game And Have The Relationship You Deserve

Why Are You Still Single?: 7 Easy Steps To Finally Win The Dating Game And Have The Relationship You Deserve

English | January 17, 2018 | ISBN: 1976918251 | 55 Pages | EPUB | 0.12 MB

ARE YOU SICK AND TIRED OF DATING, BUT STILL HAVEN'T FOUND "THE ONE"? Have you ever wondered why it seems like everyone around you is in a relationship except you? Have you ever wondered why it seems like dating is so hard for some people, yet so easy for others? Would you like some simple, no-nonsense relationship advice that applies to both men and women? Well, look no further!

The challenge with most people nowadays is that they're strapped for time. It's not that they don't want to date, they just don't want to waste their time dating the wrong person. What both men and women who are dating want more than anything, is the most time-efficient, and money-efficient way to find somebody they actually want to spend time with. Regardless of how busy you think you are, you know you would be more than happy to make time for the right person.

The good news is that you're not alone. Both men and women struggle with some aspect of dating. Everybody just wants to find "The One" so they can stop wasting their time with dates, and get to the fun part where the two people actually get to enjoy each other.

If you've read any of the dating books for women (or men), you'll find that most people hate dating. What they are really looking for is a committed, long term relationship that could eventually lead to marriage, and a future with someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with. They are sick of just playing the field, and want someone that will really understand and appreciate them for who they are, and all they have to offer. They know "The One" is outthere, but just don't know how much longer they can hold out trying to find them!

Dating is not rocket science, but there are definitely some easy steps that will make it both more fun AND more efficient. The biggest keys to finding what you're looking for is knowing exactly what it is, and where to look for it. So, whether you're single or divorced, a man or a woman, or if your goal is to stop dating and finally get the long-term relationship you've been looking for, this book can help!

AFTER READING THIS BOOK YOU WILL: Learn to focus on the primary goal of dating (HINT: It is NOT finding "The One".Understand how "Pareto's Principle" - the 80/20 rule - applies to dating.Learn to quickly and easily recognize some of the biggest "Red Flags", as well as some of the biggest "Green Flags", of dating.Find out the truth about online dating for men and women, as well as some other dating resources you might not know about.Understand the best and worst reasons people think they need to date.Take all the pressure out of dating, and learn a strategy that will completely change the way you look at heartache and break-ups.And much more!

    Why Are You Still Single Is a short read with a lot of punch. The dating advice contained in this book is simple and effective, and will hopefully save you a lot of time and frustration.
    Isn't it time you discovered how easy it is to FINALLY win the dating game once and for all, and get the relationship you deserve?



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