Zen and the Art of Tea

Abridged edition (September 15, 1995) | ISBN: 1559273569 | Language English | Audio CD in MP3 /128Kbps | 147.09 MB

From one of the most influential books ever written on Zen Buddhism: A fascinating study of the spiritually transcending art of tea.

One of the leading twentieth-century works on Zen, D.T. Suzuki's Zen and Japanese Culture is an invaluable source for those wishing to understand Zen concepts in the context of Japanese life and art.

Zen and the Art of Tea studies the deceptively simple tea ceremony-- a ceremony that, when taken up by the Zen-men, turns out to be a momentous event that leads directly up to Buddhahood and its absolute truth.

In simple, often poetic language, enhanced by anecdotes and poetry, D.T. Suzuki describes the tearoom and tea ceremony; the principles of harmony, reverence, purity and tranquillity that regulate the tearoom; and explores the essential concepts of wabi and sabi, which lead us to the subjective and objective appreciation of poverty and imperfection so vital to creating a Zen state of mind.
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These four masterful abridgments, based on the classic work that helped bring Zen Buddhism to America, are read ably by Christopher Reed. The Rinzai sect of Zen seeks illumination through the tea ritual, samurai swordsmanship, and reverence for nature. It shuns philosophy, ego, and dualism. Through "unstopped" action and a state of "no mind," it embraces anti-intellectualism and relies on the unconscious to propel its adherents toward concrete action unfettered by abstractions or conceptualizations. Author Suzuki uses a series of fascinating stories of Zen masters to enlighten the listener, but it would take either a lifetime of study or a moment of Zen illumination for a full understanding of the content of even one of the four essays included in this suberb audio book set. Recommended for philosophy collections.?Mark Pumphrey, Polk Cty. P.L., Columbus, N.C.

"As one turns the pages of this delightful book, one seems to catch intimations of how and why certain aspects of the 'spirit of Zen' are making themselves felt in America today...There is something inexpressibly soothing in the old Japanese virtues...as Mr. Suzuki describes them."--The New York Times



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