Unintended Consequences - John Ross

Unintended Consequences - John Ross
Publisher: Accurate Press | January 1996 | Language: English | ISBN-10: 1888118040 | EPUB/F2B/MOBI/File type: PDF | 1.64 mb
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"We all remember those events in our life that make memories so sweet: Summers with your parents, riding bikes with friends, your first kiss, first lover, finishing high school and then college. This book was a milestone in my life.

Being raised a democrat and generally considering my self an independent, I never really gave much thought to the gun rights and gun control movements. Then, 4 years ago, I picked up a second edition copy of John Ross' masterfully written novel and it changed my life. (I now own a signed first edition as well)

He is entertaining and lively in describing the firearm culture and development in the early part of the last century. The life of a young man growing up in this culture and becoming a driving force in the novel. The story is a page turner, and one breezes through this tome in no time. A dramatic chain of events in the lead character's life leads to a near revolution in the country. The ending that has you cheering as the good guys win!

Since reading this novel, I have read tens of thousands of pages of political thought, historical record and legal documents and have come to understand just where continued gun control is taking usit is a place I do not wish to go.

In the last four years, I have become a champion for the second amendment rights community, a holder of a federal firearms license , a collector with over 60 firearms, a hobby gunsmith and a lobbyist for the firearms community. All this from a person who voted for Clinton his first term!

Get John Ross' book, it will open your eyes." Ronald J. Brace "Doc Ron"

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