kidfluence : The Marketer's Guide to Understanding and Reaching Generation Y -- Kids, Tweens and Teens

kidfluence : The Marketer's Guide to Understanding and Reaching Generation Y -- Kids, Tweens and Teens

2003 | ISBN-10: 0071416226 | 256 pages | PDF | 2 MB

Strategies for reaching today's most important, influential market--the kids who drive family purchase decisions

Kids today possess product knowledge and buying influence far beyond their years, and marketers must adapt to this new reality or risk forever playing catch-up with their forward-thinking competitors. Kidfluence explores this new dynamic of marketing, and outlines how marketers and advertisers can better understand the "adultified" members of Generation Y.

This fascinating and thought-provoking book explores the integral role today's kids play both in family and society as a whole. Kidfluence features:
Interviews with parents and children on the needs of today's kidsand with marketers on how those needs are being filled
Studies that reveal when kids begin purchasing and become lifetime consumers
A generational look at parenting styles and the creation of the more democratic family favored by the Baby Boomers

The youth market is without question the primary driving force behind a wide range of family purchases, but reaching that market requires a revised set of skills, approaches, and techniques. Let Kidfluence introduce you to the foundations and requirements of this exploding marketplace, and show you how to consider kids in the development of your business plans.

"In the new family model, kids feel like a valuable part of the family unit and grow up believing they have the right to vote on all issues affecting the family. In fact, today's parents go so far as to say it is unfair not to include younger members of the family in buying decisions."
--From Chapter 1

Americans born since 1980, often dubbed Generation Y, number nearly 100 million strong, and they influence their parents' purchase habits to an extent that has never before been experienced. More than any generation to date, these "power kids" know what they like, what they want, and how to get it.

Companies that don't learn how to reach and communicate with this lucrative market run the risk of losing the battle before they fire a single shot.

Kidfluence provides marketers and advertisers with research-based strategies for effectively reaching members of Generation Y without turning them off completely. Combining the latest demographic, ethnographic, and sociocultural findings with case studies of successful marketers, this guidebook reveals:
How today's kids think about and react to the world around them
Why technology creates an insatiable hunger for "more"
How marketers are developing separate kid-directed lines, brands, and even stores
Assessing whether kids are direct, indirect, or secondary influencers of a purchase
Proven methods for building brand equity in the "'tween" years, and maximizing returns through cradle-to-grave marketing

Much more than just tips for marketing to Gen Y today, however, Kidfluence looks into the future to examine best practices for creating lifetime value that extends into the group's adult years. It details strategies for building brand loyalty today, while avoiding the negative connotations often associated with "marketing to children."

From production to distribution to communication, companies today must be able to change course at lightning speed. Kids who expect such adaptability will reward marketers who can understand and meet their evolving needs. Kidfluence examines this dramatically new world, and provides market-proven guidelines for attracting the attention and loyalty of the incredibly lucrative Gen Y marketplace--today, tomorrow, and into their adult years.


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