Hibernation - Delta Binaural Beats

Hibernation - Delta Binaural Beats by J.S. Epperson
Original Release Date: 7 Dec 2010 Mellowcore | ASIN: B004FD0W5G | Language English | Audio CD in FLAC | 428 mb

Hibernation uses the brainwave entrainment technologies of Binaural and Monaural Beats to take you deeper and deeper into a Delta experience. Hibernation is based on the Solfeggio frequency 417Hz, which is said to break up crystallized emotional patterns and to facilitate change and transformation. (Approximately 1 Hour, 45 Minutes)

HIBERNATION: QUICK REFRESH is a 15 minute piece to quickly relax, refresh and relieve tension.

HIBERNATION: POWER NAP is a 30-minute track that leads you into a Delta state before bringing you back to a waking Beta state during the last few minutes.

HIBERNATION: WINTER SOLSTICE HARMONIC is a 60 minute piece that guides you deeper and deeper into a Delta (Sleep) state.



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