Nintendo DS and DSi

Nintendo DS and DSi
Nintendo DS and DSi | 1.53 GB

How can I play these ROMs?
You need a flash cart. If you have a DSi, you need one that will work with the DSi. If you have a DS Lite or DS Phat, you can use an older and possibly cheaper flash cart. I suggest you check out to learn more. With very few exception, all PMs to me asking for help with these ROMs will simply tell you to check out that site anyway.

Why doesn't this particular ROM work on my flash cart?
Nintendo and some of the game developers have figured out ways to add checks to the carts that prevent them from working on flash carts. Since the ROMs included here are clean, untouched dumps of the game carts, these checks have not been patched or cracked. If the ROM won't play, use Google or another means to find the crack you need to make it work. The upload contains NONE of the required cracks and I can't be bothered to list which ROMs require patching.

Why is the number on these ROMs so messed up?
It's not. It all depends on which numbering scheme you follow. My numbering includes the DSi-enhanced ROMs since NDSCRC also includes them. I include a list of the included games with their associated number to help you both realize that and to help you find the ROM you need without having to download the torrent first, only to find out that it doesn't contain what you thought it did.

Will you help me with something?
With few exceptions, no, I won't. I probably won't even bother responding to you, I simply don't have the time. If you're having problems, check out or any number of other sites dedicated to playing NDS roms. You can also ask in the comments and someone might be willing to help you out.



[Fast Download] Nintendo DS and DSi

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