The Ringing Cedars Series [9 Books - Vladimir Megre]

The Ringing Cedars Series
Ringing Cedars Press | Vladimir Megre | 2005-2008 | ISBN 0-9763333-1-9 [Full ISBN list Inside] | 2443 Pages - 9 Books | File type: PDF | 256 mb
| English
When the author Vladimir Megre was starting a business trip on a Siberian river he couldn´t know that so many strange events would be awaiting for him which would change his life and the life of many people. In a remote village in the Taiga he met a woman who has a God-given talent of complete natural being and who knows the biggest secrets of being on earth. In spite of her talents she has stayed a human being, a woman with her feelings, wishes and longings. The way to physical and mental health is not very complicated or only to be managed in a difficult manner but can be realized in a very simple way for everybody. Vladimir can not comprehend the many things which he gets to know in the first place but more and more he realizes that the encounter with this woman brings something into a roll which is very healthy for him and others.
The List of ISBN:1. 0-9763333-0-2 2005г. Anastasia
2. 0-9763333-1-9 2005г. The Ringing Cedar of Russia
3. 0-9763333-2-6 2005г. The Space of Love
4. 0-9763333-3-3 2006г. Co-creation
5. 0-9763333-4-0 2006г. Who Are We
6. 0-9763333-6-4 2007г. The Book of Kin
7. 0-9763333-7-1 2007г. The Energy of Life
8.1 0-9763333-8-8 2007г. The New Civilization
8.2 0-9763333-9-5 2008г. Rites of Love

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