Travis McGee ("colour") Series - John D. MacDonald

Travis McGee ("colour") Series - John D. MacDonald
Publisher: Fawcett | English | 21 File type: PDF | 11.09 mb

ISBN-10 numbers: 0449223833; 0449224147; 0449224384; 0449224406; 0449224422; 0449224449; 0449224465; 0449224589; 0449224600; 0449224619; 0449224627; 0449224740; 0449224767; 0449224775; 0449224783; 0449224791; 0449224805; 0449224813; 0449224821; 0449224848; 0449224856
Travis McGee, hero of 21 disposable paperback adventures, still has a huge and devoted following 26 years after the last of these tales was written. Why the enduring appeal of this fictional Florida-based knight-for-hire? Combine the best qualities of Magnum, Rockford, Bond, and Robin Hood, and then add some samurai-style philosophizing and rueful self-awareness and you will get some idea. If you haven't experienced Travis McGee yet, it is not too late.

The Deep Blue Good-By (Travis McGee, No. 1)
Fawcett | 1st Fawcett Crest Ed edition (May 31, 1995) | English | ISBN-10: 0449223833 | File type: PDF | 195 pages
From the Publisher
When I first arrived at Ballantine, where I am the mass market managing editor, we were just undergoing a daunting task: repackaging all of John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee novels. We were giving him a brand-new, beautiful look; ingeniously, we used a deep blue color for THE DEEP BLUE GOOD-BY, a gold color for A DEADLY SHADE OF GOLD, a lavender hue for THE LONG LAVENDER LOOK, etc. But as I worked on the actual stories themselves, I realized that as colorful as these books now are on the outside, they're even more colorful on the inside. In order to prepare these books, we had to have them retyped from scratch; some of these books are so old that the plates had died, so we had nothing to print from. So all the books had to be proofread as if they were new books, and what a joy it was working on them. I unexpectedly rediscovered an author and character I knew very little about. Travis McGee is one of the great characters in crime fiction, and John D. MacDonald a fascinating storyteller. You never know what either is going to do next, or say next; what is going on in their minds is as important, if not more so, then what is going on outside Travis's boat. All of which add up to a heckuva fun series.

Nightmare in Pink (Travis McGee, No. 2)
Fawcett | Decemb
er 30 1995 | English | ISBN-10: 0449224147 | File type: PDF | 153 pages
"A knight in slightly tarnished armor, " "the thinking man's Robin Hood, " McGee lives alone on his boat, the Busted Flush. Rejecting the modern world, adhering to a timeless sense of honor and obligation, he is more and less than a private eye. From the author of The Deep Blue Good-by. Original.

A Purple Place for Dying (Travis McGee, No. 3)
Fawcett | [7th] THUS edition | May 27 1995 | English | ISBN-10: 0449224384 | File type: PDF | 148 pages

Quick Red Fox (Travis McGee, No. 4)
Fawcett | June 27 1995 | English | ISBN-10: 0449224406 | File type: PDF | 156 pages
From the author of A Purple Place for Dying and The Deep Blue Good-by comes the republication of the bestseller starring Travis McGee, a real American hero. Reissue.

A Deadly Shade of Gold (Travis McGee Mysteries)
Fawcett (February 20, 1996) | English | ISBN-10: 0449224422 | File type: PDF | 295 pages
Here's another bestselling novel featuring P.I. Travis McGee. According to Publishers Weekly, 20th Century Fox, "with an outlay of six figures, has cleared the way for Ruben/Robinson Productions to launch their own Travis McGee series." And according to Larry King's USA Today column, Harrison Ford has said, "I am interested in doing Travis McGee, the great detective character. Previously published.

Bright Orange for the Shroud
Fawcett | 16th THUS edition | February 28 1996 | English | ISBN-10: 0449224449 | File type: PDF | 203 pages
Another bestseller starring Travis McGee, a real American heroand maybe the star of a new movie franchise! Reissue.

Darker Than Amb
er (Travis McGee Mysteries)
Fawcett | February 27 1996 | English | ISBN-10: 0449224465 | File type: PDF | 189 pages
A great bestseller starring Travis McGee, a real American heroand maybe the star of a new movie franchise! Reissue.

One Fearful Yellow Eye (A Travis McGee Novel)
Fawcett Crest | February 26 1996 | English | ISBN-10: 0449224589 | File type: PDF | 248 pages
Travis McGee arrives in Chicago to investigate the theft of thousands of dollars during Glory Doyle's husband's last painful year and uncovers a particulary sadistic blackmailer. Reissue.

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