Another View of Stalin

Ludo Martens, Another View of Stalin
Editions EPO | 1994 | ASIN: B000RQH906 | ISBN: 2872622055 | 327 pages | File type: PDF | 1,4 mb
Ludo Martens (born c. 1945/48) is a Belgian historian noted for his work on francophone Africa and the Soviet Union. He is also the chairman of the Workers' Party of Belgium.
In 1968 he founded the group Alle macht aan de arbeiders (All Power to the Workers), which in 1979 became the Workers' Party of Belgium.
Martens is a recognised authority on the political history of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he has lived and travelled extensively.

In 1994, Martens published Another View of Stalin , a history of the Soviet Union under Stalin that challenges in particular the orthodox Western view of collectivisation in the USSR and the Great Purge.
Martens writes primarily in French; however, his books, especially Another View of Stalin, have been translated into Dutch, English, and numerous other languages.

Another View of Stalin is a translation of Un autre regard sur Staline (French Edition)
The book is intended to directly confront the standard attacks made against Stalin:forced collectivization, overbearing bureaucracy, extermination of the Old Bolshevik guard, the Great Purge, forced industrialization, collusion between Stalin and Hitler,his incompetency during World War II, etc.We have endeavored to deconstruct many `well-known truths' about Stalin, those that are summarized - over and over - in a few lines in newspapers, history books and interviews, and which have more or less become part of our unconscious. Read the book,then you decide.

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