Post-Soviet Russia

Post-Soviet Russia
Publisher: Columbia University Press | ISBN: 0231106068 | edition 2000 | File type: PDF | 397 pages | 12,3 mb

Russia's best-known contemporary historian comes to grips with his country in the aftermath of Communism, and he doesn't like what's been happening. Medvedev makes no bones about the fact that he thinks the path Yeltsin and the "democratic reformers" have followed these past eight years has been a disaster. He himself would have preferred the Russian government had been less dedicated to privatization and the market economy and bolstering the financial sector and instead had concentrated on rebuilding the country's industrial base and maintaining a favorable balance of trade. For Medvedev, the Unholy Three of Russia's economic disaster are Yeltsin, who oversaw it all; Yegor Gaidar, whom Medvedev seems particularly to despise and whose free-market policies resulted in simultaneous inflation and devaluation of the ruble; and Anatoly Chubais, the man behind the privatization giveaway that robbed a nation of its wealth. Medvedev certainly pulls no punches when discussing these three or incidents such as the 1993 confrontation between Yeltsin and the parliament and the 1998 crisis that resulted in further devaluation of the ruble.

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