The Everything Guide to Understanding Socialism

The Everything Guide to Understanding Socialism

ISBN: 1440512779 | 304 Pages | EPUB | June 18, 2011 | English | 1.44 MB

The word 'socialism' has exploded in modern society, and is a hot issue in the political world. Despite its sudden infamy, socialism's complex history stretches back nearly three centuries. This informative and impartial guide takes the reader through socialism's origins to its modern day interpretations, discussing: modern socialism's 18th century beginnings; types of socialism; basic constructs and beliefs; socialism in Eastern Europe and America; and, modern-day misconceptions. Featuring an unbiased and comprehensive view of this controversial theory, "The Everything Guide to Understanding Socialism" is the ultimate resource for readers who want to learn more about this age-old concept turned modern-day political firestorm.


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